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Our latest release is the wickedly hilarious "Ho! Ho! O!--The Unofficial Teapartiers' Barack Obama Joke Book" which takes a friendly but fiercely funny look at the President and all his men and women. Author Hope E. Changey has collected, compiled, and created some of the best laughs you can have about our current political situation without crying about it, and you can purchase it directly via this link to its Amazon.com page: www.ObamaFunny.com

Still selling and still thrilling is the first installment of Lawrence Chance's thrilling RV-related mystery series starring intrepid investigator Raymond Cid, "Towed In A Hole," which has been mystifying lovers of great whodunnits for many months. It can be found on Amazon.com by visiting www.BuyChanceBook1.com , and as that might imply, there are more installments on the way--watch this space for the arrival soon of the next in the series, "Pop Up!"

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